We Trade Variety of Papers, Paper-Boards Such as Maniila (available in different colors),

White Lined Chipboard, Pelican Paper, Bank Paper and More…

Bond paper

Strong and durable white printing paper which is found everywhere from letterheads to writing papers, business forms, exercise book papers,  etc. we stock from 60 to 120 gsm

Maniila (in various colours)

A composite based paperboard that we usually sell in 220GSM; it comes in yellow, buff, green, blue, orange and pink. Mostly used for making files and folders it can also be used for exercise book covers. (For those who know, the classic Onward paper mill exercise book had manilla covers)


Also known as Grey board, it is made entirely from waste paper. It may be lined or unlined and is used for a variety of packaging purposes. We stock in 900, 1200 and 1400gsm mostly

we always look to increase our market share

We Also Do Specialty Importation Or Indenting For Those Customers Who Require Something Different.


Our strategic location at the heart of the biggest paper market in Lagos and possibly Nigeria ensures our customers are never too far from getting access to our papers and warehouse.

employee satisfaction
Employee Welfare

We believe that a company is only as strong as its people, thus the proper welfare our staff is also part mission and part strategic objective

customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

We aim to build relationships with our customers sustained by understanding and responding to their needs whilst aiming for mutually beneficial positions always.

About us


Onward Stationery Stores Ltd is a limited liability company formed in 1953 by Chief M. Obagun. We deal with all Nigerians’ Paper Wholesalers, Retailers and End- users (Printers)

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