About The Company



Onward Stationery Stores Ltd is a limited liability company formed in 1953 by Chief M. Obagun. He had started trading paper just after leaving school by at first buying locally before he started wholesale imports. Whenever he is in the mood and feels like recanting the story, one will know that the first type of paper he imported was NCR from a Norwegian company and this little transaction is what really started the journey of OSS.  In time he was able to build a team around him that shared his ideals of integrity, his vision and commitment to excellence. With people like Mr. Emmanuel Ogunsanya, his erstwhile managing director, who worked with the company for 40 years, OSS expanded into importation of many other paper products over the years and built a solid reputation for supplying quality paper products. In fact, it became the name Onward came to be closely associated with quality.


In time, the OSS vision to become a topmost supplier of quality paper products expanded into manufacturing paper products. In 1973, Onward Paper Mill was birthed to manufacture stationery products like notebooks and envelopes amongst others. In 1989, Epesok paper mill was created to manufacture jumbo rolls and tissue products

Our strategic location at the heart of the biggest paper market in Lagos and possibly Nigeria ensures our customers are never too far from getting access to our papers and our warehouse in the same axis is big enough to accommodate paper stocks to satisfy our customers.


Currently, with the new team led by Femi Obagun, we are determined to not only preserve the legacy left to us, but also expand it by increasing and enforcing our market share and adhering to the old values of integrity, reliability and mutually beneficial cooperation.

We also believe that a company is only as strong as its people, thus the proper welfare our staff is also part mission and part strategic objective.


Our Vision is to not only be seen as a value creating reliable paper supplier. We aim to build relationships with our customers sustained by understanding and responding to their needs whilst aiming for mutually beneficial positions always.


We deal with all Nigerians’ Paper wholesaler, Retailers and End-users (Printers)