We import and trade industrial type printing papers and paperboards, we also do specialty importation or indenting for those customers who require something a little different from generic papers or sizes.


We trade a variety of papers and paperboards including but not limited to:

  • art card

  • Basically a heavier type art paper, It is glossy on both sides and we stock in 250, 300 and 350gsm. It can be used for annual reports, high end brochures, (more stylised) book covers etc

  • strawboard

  • Also known as Grey board, it is made entirely from waste paper. It may be lined or unlined and is used for a variety of packaging purposes. We stock in 900, 1200 and 1400gsm mostly.

  • ledger paper

  • we stock in green and azure laid, it is a very fine and strong writing paper used in record books, business ledgers and sometimes, religious text. We stock in 80 and 90gsm

  • bank paper

  • Light but strong, usually comes below 50gsm and in a variety of colours, it can be used for correspondence amongst other uses.


  • A composite based paperboard that we usually sell in 220GSM; it comes in yellow, buff, green, blue, orange and pink. Mostly used for making files and folders it can also be used for exercise book covers. (For those who know, the classic Onward paper mill exercise book had manilla covers)

  • pelican paper

  • Also known as cast coated paper, it is one sided very high gloss paper achieved by applying heat through a chrome plating cylinder. Its other qualities are its completely smooth and mirror like gloss surface, superior ink receptivity. We stock in 180 to 250 gsm

  • art paper

  • Paper with a smooth hard surface, caused by an even coating of kaolin or china clay compound on both sides. It is glossy and has a sort of slippery feel to the touch. It can be used for calendars, letterheads, annual reports, etc we stock from 90 to 170 gsm

  • ncr

  • NCR paper (No Carbon Required) is a type of coated paper designed to transfer information written on the front onto sheets beneath. i.e used for making one or more copies simultaneously with the creation of an original document when using a typewriter or a ballpoint pen. It comes in White, yellow, pink, green and blue. We stock 50g of CB, CFB, CF in sheet or roll.

  • Bond paper

  • Strong and durable white printing paper which is found everywhere from letterheads to writing papers, business forms, exercise book papers,  etc. we stock from 60 to 120 gsm

  • white lined chipboard

  • Also referred to as: WLC, GD, GT or UD, is a grade of paperboard typically made from layers of waste paper or recycled fibers. Most often it comes with two to three layers of coating on the top and one layer on the reverse side. Because of its recycled content it will be grey from the inside. The main endues for this type of board is for light packaging, Food (with extra protection), soaps, toothpaste, shoes, cereals etc; we stock in GSM from 250 to 400

  • folding box board

  • Also used for light packaging, the main difference being it is not made from recycled fibers hence making it a much better quality. Depending on the pulping process used, it can either be white or cream on the inside. Mostly used for high end pharmaceutical packaging, food, cigarette packaging etc. We stock from 210, to 400GSM

  • Vanguard Card

  • Also known as Bristol board, named after the famed UK city, it is sort of a cousin to manilla as they have similar applications. It is used for printing documents, brochures, promotional materials and envelopes.  It is also used for paperback book or catalog covers and file folders. We stock mostly in 160 and 180GSM